Friday, 18 December 2009

Good and bad writing days

Do you ever go through this? One day you have a really good writing day. You go out and interview someone for an article or two that you've already pitched to the editors and they like the idea. You sit merrily typing away on your computer and the words are flowing and all is well. But, oh dear. The next day you drag yourself to the computer so lethargic and unwilling to start your writing day that you can barely switch the computer on. You sit there staring at the blank screen with contempt and it glares back at you, frowning and tutting. So you sit there in a staring match waiting for each other to be the one to blink or walk away.

Wednesday and Thursday I had wonderful writing days, but the weekend and the Monday and Tuesday before that I didn't. I knew I had two articles to write; I had all the information in front of me, waiting and winking at me, waving its arms at me, trying to gain my attention, for me on my desk, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. In fact, I'd do everything else but! Naughty and unprofessional I know. But Weds evening, whilst the Royal Variety performance was on, I sat at my computer and wrote the entire first 1300 draft of one of the articles. Then yesterday I wrote a 1200 complete first draft of the other article. Just like that, my inertia and days of sitting in the doldrums with no wind to fill my sails was over, as a stiff (and rather nippy) breeze blew me along.

Today, I'm currently wavering between a good and bad writing day. I've just sat down at my computer and yes, I am using this blog as a warm up for the main act later on. I find that if I blog about the troubles I have with writing, it invariably sorts itself out, or I get good advice from fellow writers who are probably now shouting at me to stop blogging and get on with the writing!

My plans today and over the weekend are to edit both articles, do a bit of my NaNo Novel and do some research on the fiction of the women's magazines. Christmas week I'm going to try and do no writing at all. Yes, that's right, no writing at all! But I think I know deep in my literary heart that I will cave in to my inner editor's demands and the call of the wild and will, at some point, be writing! But as it's Christmas week and the world shuts down and my daughter's off school, I have a lot of activities planned for her so that will keep me away from my notebooks. However, my daughter has given me a lot of inspiration lately - the things she says have pinged off ideas left right and center, so I'll be scribbling things down to save for a rainy (snowy?) day.

So have a good week and Christmas and don't forget to look out for those Christmas based ideas you can write about for next year!

Julie xx


  1. I've got lots of ideas to be getting on with but have been in a sluggish mood, we've been very busy as a family lately with school stuff etc.. going on and I'm worn out. Hopefully getting my new netbook at Christmas will encourage me to get on with things!

    Hope you have a good Christmas!

  2. Oh, I want a new computer but I definitely know I won't be getting one for Xmas! So I envy you and your new netbook. If I'm going to get one I'll have to fund it myself - but hey ho, it'll be a challenge for 2010.

    I've been lethargic too with my writing what with other things going on. But I think I'll enjoy the break - even if I do have to sit on my hands to redidt the urge to write!

    Have a good Xmas

    Julie xx

  3. Hope you have only good writing days in future, Julie.


  4. I'm I will, Suzanne!And it turned out to be a great writing day yesterday afterall! You know what it's like!

    Hope your writing is going well too.

    Julie xx