Tuesday, 3 November 2009

New Outlets

I found a new possible outlet for my article on the local drama group I spent time with. The tip off came from a fellow Wrekin Writer who is also a member of the drama group and was instrumental in my being allowed to observe the group and interview people/get photos. It often pays to ask the people you interview if they know of any magazines/newsletters in their particular field of interest that may take an article you're writing about them.

Mike White, the Wrekin Writer and member of the drama group emailed me to tell me about NODA National Operatic and Drama Association. They are a national company who have members from the theatrical and operatic world and they also have regional magazines and branches too. I had never heard of them before and so was a bit reluctant to approach them as I felt (huge slap on my wrists please) that my writing would not interest them! So I left it for a few weeks until yesterday when I plucked up enough courage to approach them. I figured if the group had been so kind and helpful to me when I was gathering information/researching/interviewing, then the least I could do was try and get them a piece in their own specialist magazine!!

I emailed the editor and received an email back expressing their interest, and I emailed a copy of the article with selected photos over last night with a hard copy version going out this afternoon, as they requested both email and printed. I await a verdict. But I would never had submitted to them had Mike not mentioned NODA to me. So thank you Mike, and fingers crossed, it might just make it in.

I've just finished transcribing from my dictaphone, the interview from the motivational speaker I saw on Friday and will be writing that up soon. I've approached two writing magazines now with the proposal for the article and will be pitching the idea to different magazines later. Liam O'Connell, he motivational speaker gave me ideas for how and where to pitch my articles on him too - the business trade press, which I, again, as in the drama group example above, would never have considered that arena for my work. So thank you, Liam, too!

Don't be afraid to push further with your writing into new avenues. And as Liam says, "Never, ever, give up."

Happy writing

Julie xx

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  1. You're doing really well with your articles. Well done.