Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Lovely Blog Award

Thank you, Olivia Ryan, for passing on a Lovely Blog Award to me. I am honoured! I love writing my blog and have got so much support from my fellow bloggers and I really do appreciate it.

Blogging has been a revelation for me and I hope my blog continues to inspire and get people writing, because despite the ups and downs, the publications and the rejections I'm still here writing, and so are you all. We should all be proud of that.

I also love to read so many blogs - all of which are excellent. How can I choose who to pass it on to? The only fair way I can do it is to put the names of my favourite blogs into a hat and get my daughter to pull a winner out! So that's what I'll do when she finishes school this afternoon! Watch this space.

Thank you again, Olivia!

Julie xx


  1. I'm finding your blog really inspiring at the moment. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks, Helen! I'm enjoying writing my blog and reading everyone elses too.

    Julie xx

  3. Hi Julie,

    Just found your blog through a posting on the Writers' News Forum - looks really interesting - and well done on the award by the way.

    Best, Kaz