Thursday, 8 October 2009

slow, slow progress

I've made slow but sure progress with my article writing this week. I have put a few proposals out to the Shropshire Star, Writing Magazine, Writers' Forum and The Lady Magazine but have not heard anything back yet. I have submitted my article about my local area to a community magazine, and an article to another community magazine, and one to the New Writer magazine, but I'm still waiting for verdicts on those too.

That's one of the most frustrating things about writing, I think - the waiting. But I am learning to become more patient and I've found that getting on with other pieces of work, so I have them ready to send out as soon as a rejection or acceptance comes my way, is a great way of lessening the anxiety about my work that's out there, and makes me more productive.

I have finished the first draft of my first assignment for the journalism course I'm doing so that will be edited and sent off early next week. I'm quite excited about the course. I have plenty to be going on with.

Still no verdicts from Shropshire Life or Country and Border Life on whether they want to see my archery article or not. You may remember that I sent a proposal off to Shropshire life a couple of months back and the editor was very kind to me and said she may be interested but not at the moment as her books were full. But she did say she'd contact me soon if she was able to place it. But I was to let her know if I'd placed it elsewhere in the meantime.

I then sent the proposal to Country and Border Life magazine. They also said 'maybe' and asked me to send a disc in of the photos I had to illustrate the feature. This was about 3-4 weeks ago now and I've heard nothing, There's the waiting thing again! Still, the feature is ready to go as soon as either of them ask for it. But I suppose I ought to pluck up the courage to email both editors in case they've forgotten about me! So if it's a 'no' from both I can pitch the article elsewhere.

It can get very convoluted and time consuming when you're a freelance pitching to a variety of magazines and this is where accurate record keeping comes in to its own.If I didn't have my record sheet of where I've pitched ideas, where I've sent articles, which magazines were a no, which were a yes, which were a maybe, and where I've pitched the idea next, I would be in a right pickle. I have to be super organised if I want to succeed and I need to look and act professional (even if I don't feel it inside).

I'm still trying, and out of all my writing endeavours: short stories, poems, articles/features, I have definitely had more articles/features published. This surprised me as, initially, I didn't set out to be an article/feature writer. I was determined to get my poems and short stories published. But then I joined a writers' group, met a strange chap who was obsessed with puppies training their owners and also with hiking that my writing journey changed tack somewhat.

I'm still striving to get my short stories and poems published, but it hasn't been an easy journey so far.It's true you have to develop a thick skin and grit your teeth and get on with it, whilst trying not to take rejections personally or become paranoid that editors are ignoring your emails and not getting back to you on purpose. Hey, maybe they are and I'm not paranoid! Still got to keep on trying.

Best wishes with all your writing endeavours too. If you look at the laws of probability (don't ask me to explain them on here!) then some of us have got to get published!



  1. Slow but sure is the way to do it! Good luck with it all.

  2. Thanks, Helen. And good luck to you also.

    Julie xx