Friday, 9 October 2009

It's in!

Hurrah, my feature on Horsehay Amateur Dramatic Society is in the local news paper this evening. Phew! I was beginning to think I was imagining it all. I couldn't get the whole thing in one photo but you'll get the gist of it!

I've read the Shropshire Star for years, on and off and I've had many letters published in there, even got letter of the week twice and two posh pens for my trouble. But I never, ever, dreamed I'd get a feature in there. It's surreal. I see my name above the feature but I keep thinking it's by some other Julie Phillips! It's not me. I can't do that!

I'm ecstatic! And to think I wasn't going to approach the editor with my proposal because I thought they didn't take stuff from freelancers and that my writing would never be good enough to get in the local paper! You don't know until you try. Wooh hooh!

Go on - give it a go. I dare you;0)

Julie xx

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