Monday, 12 October 2009

Good, bad and ugly!

First I would like to congratulate my fellow Wrekin Writer and blogger Diane Parker for getting her article into Shropshire Magazine. Well done, girl! She's worked hard on it and deserves her success.

Good news: two of my articles, Apple Bobbing, and Writers' Bash, plus a letter of mine has been published in The Link (The National Association of Writers' Groups magazine).

Bad news: You may remember I sent an article proposal about my archery feature to two shropshire magazines. One of them was over run with features but said they may be interested later, and the other one asked for a disc of images. The One I sent the images to has declined to see my archery feature because the images I sent them to look at weren't good enough, apparently, so I did the decent thing and have now proposed it to another magazine and they want to see the article and images with a view, if good enough, to run the feature next year. So it's not really bad news - there is still hope for my lovely archers!

I have no idea what I am going to do about producing better images as I am sort of stuck with the camera equipment I've got, at least until I can afford to go on a short photography course and buy better equipment.

The magazine that declined my archery feature (the text of the feature wasn't even seen by the editor!) did, however, say I was welcome to pitch further ideas to them, so I took them at their word, was really cheeky and sent one off to them straight away! We shall see what transpires. But I think it's going to be the same story because of my inability to produce good enough photos.

Ugly news: Mmmmm! Not sure I have any, though I did have a few 'ugly' thoughts and a few choice words were uttered when my feature was declined! But the thing I've learned out of this I'd like to pass on to other writers is to make sure that you do chase up these editors - don't let them forget your work or you! I've been waiting a few weeks for a reply about my images I'd sent to the magazine and by the looks of it, I would be waiting for ever, because if I hadn't taken courage (after a cup of tea and a couple of chocolate hob nob biscuits) to contact the editor, I would ever had had a reply and I'd never have sent it out to elsewhere. Yes, it was a no the first time, but the other mag might take the feature and the first mag might like my second proposal better. you never know until you try!

Julie xx

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  1. Hi Julie
    I am intreagued by the Apple Bobbing article and look forward to reading it, I must subsribe to Link magazine - especially now half of WW seem to be in it!
    Thanks so much for your best wishes, yesterday was incredible, getting two articles accepted was more than I could have hoped for.
    Love Di