Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Done it

I've done another disc of the best images I have for the amateur dramatic group feature to the local glossie that had declined to take my archery article but who is interested in this one - if the pictures are good enough. And therein lies the rub. The archery snaps weren't good enough for them, but non of the photos I've just sent are taken by me, so I'm hoping they will be of sufficient quality.

I'm in two minds about this. Firstly I'm thinking why am I bothering to bang my head against a brick wall. They want 'professional' photographs that I don't have the equipment or ability to supply. They won't even look at the text of the feature if the photos aren't up to their standards. But then I remember I have had other articles and features accepted/published by other magazines (including the archery one they declined - photos and all!) So I know I can do it. I still have that fighting spirit in me that refuses to give up and let the photo issue discourage me from sending proposals and submitting my work. If they don't accept my work it is their loss and someone else might take it. I'll post the disc tomorrow and see what happens. I've deciced to submit the feature elsewhere in the meantime and if I can place it I will be thrilled.

I've emailed two feature proposals out to two different magazines this morning, and made enquiries at another on how to submit. I've approached the motivational speaker via email to check we're still on for the interview on Friday - we are, and I'm so excirted about it. I've prepared a list of questions and I'm raring to go. It pays to be prepared in this game.

Feeling on a high about my writing at the moment and despite my troubles with photographs, I'm enjoying it greatly.

What are your greatest annoyances in your writing life?

Julie xx

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