Friday, 4 September 2009

Going That Extra Mile

I have done it. I've taken a big step on the road to becoming more professional in my outlook in freelance writing. I have been mulling this over for months and I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to be a good freelance writer I had to get serious and up my game somewhat. I've been dallying and messing about , procrastinating and not being bold enough. I've almost been 'apologetic' in my approach to my work and in how I approach editors. I have a tendency to go down the terribly typical British route of behaviour. 'I'm terribly sorry to bother you, Editor, but I've written something I don't for a minute think that you will have the remotest bit of interest in because I'm a new writer and I don't think I can write anything for you but I'm sending you this anyway.'

I have decided that a more professional approach is called for and I am determined to sharpen up my image and my writing. The first step in this plan was to enrol in a course for journalism and article writing, which I have done today. I was enrolled in another course with a different company but had to pull out as I couldn't afford to do it and due to other, person reasons that I couldn't be sure would settle by the time the course started, and so the best option was to pull out.

The situation has improved and so, because this course is considerably cheaper and I can manage the installments, I decided to take the bull by the horns and go for it. If it helps me to focus and get more of my work into print - then I'll be happy. I felt that I was lacking some of the 'know how' in my article writing and I wanted to correct that so I have a better understanding of how it all works, what editors are looking for, and how to maximise my chances of publication - as well as helping me to become a better writer. I'm hoping I will pay for the course through my writing - it's certainly a good challenge.



  1. Hi Julie
    How exciting, I bet you will get lots of tips by doing this course - you can coach me then!! Hope you get a lot out of it. Can I ask how you get the information into the side panel of your blog?
    I notice this on a lot of blogs where they have this extra bit that remains throughout.
    Love Di

  2. Hi, Di, Yes I am looking forward to doing the course but I'm a bit nervous too. But it will do me good!

    I did my side bar by clicking on to 'customise' on your dashboard and just scrolling down until I got the add on I wanted. Then you just follow the instructions. It took me ages to do it as I was confuddlesd by all the different options!

    Julie xx

  3. Sorry, Di! I'm sending you off on a wild goose chase! You go to dashboard and underneath your blog details there should be a tab labelled 'Layout'. Click on that and then click on 'Add a gadget'. This will bring you up a list of add ons like adding text, pictures, blog lists and lists. You click on to the one you want and it will prompt you what to do. When you've got the info in there you want displayed on your blog you can click and drag it across on the template as to where you want that info displayed. It's good fun to have a play around with the different positions you can put stuff.

    Julie xx

  4. Hi Julie

    Thanks so much for that, I will give it a go, Your blog looks good.


  5. Oh, good for you, Julie. Can't wait to hear how you get on.