Friday, 25 September 2009

All The Difference

What a difference a few days make. After the issues last week with an editor (see previous posts)and me going through my records to see how many articles rejections/acceptances I've had since I started recording them this January, I was all for jacking it in and never writing another word. I was in fear for my sanity and blood pressure. But I have come to my senses again and decided to give it another bash! Or is it that I've finally tipped over the edge into permanent insanity? I go up and down like this in my attitude to writing and my husband can always tell if my writing is going well as I type for hours and go off into my own little world. If it's going bad I roam around the house avoiding the computer!

Things that I have found useful this week along my writing journey:
*Journalism course. I have almost read the whole course through now and I'm already learning stuff I never knew! I have found the sections on the law particularly useful (and the most frightening). If you write articles/want to be a journalist and are struggling/confused then I'd recommend you consider doing a course on the subject - it doesn't need to be an expensive or extensive course, a basic one will do. I think it's probably the best thing I've decided to do for my writing career to date.

*Taking the bull by the horns. I decided not to let that editor discourage me from writing or submitting to new markets. So part of the article I had originally been writing for them I expanded and have made it into a feature in its own right. I emailed the local newspaper editor and he was interested in it. I then received a phone call from their feature editor and he liked my proposal and I am now writing the feature for them. Don't be shy - get on the phone or email these editors and give them your ideas. Yes, they may say no, but they could just as easily say yes. You won't know for sure until you try.

*Don't over stretch yourself. It tends to be all or nothing with me. I either work myself up into a frenzy and write like a woman possessed,tiring myself out in the process, or I write nothing and start moaning about the fact that I've written nothing, yet do nothing to remedy this! Have a rest every now and then - don't burn yourself out. Save some energy for your next project or there may not be a next project.

*Don't take no for an answer. If one editor says no then forget about them and move on to the next editor with your work/idea. You can always go back to the original editor with another idea later on. I used to worry about how many ideas I should send out to the same editor - but now I think if they don't want my ideas they'll say so or never reply to my emails - if that's the case I'll move on to the next editor until I get a hit!

Have a great weekend and wherever you are going/doing, don't forget to take your notebook, pen and camera - there's a story/feature out there somewhere!

Julie xx

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