Tuesday, 4 August 2009

You wait weeks for new writing opportunities ......

........ and then three turn up at once! Just a short posting today. Not only am I writing the articles about Hampshire for the editor of a website, plus trying to finish an article on the Archers I am now doing some articles for a free community magazine. I had read this new magazine when it plopped through the door between the pages of the free Telford Journal community newspaper last week and noticed that the editor was asking for articles. I read an interesting and well written article by a new writer in there and so my article was written in response to that as I agreed with most of what the other writer had said.

I had an email from the editor last night and he likes my article and has asked me to write more for him. I also received an email from the author of that original article thanking me for my comments and asking me for advice. He wants to be a writer and I think he has an excellent chance of being one. Well he is published already! I don't half feel old now,though! Is it me or writers getting younger by the day?! I think I've managed to get a new member for the Wrekin Writers too!

I've said it before but writers shouldn't dismiss writing for community magazines. Okay, you might not be getting paid for your work but publication is publication and, besides helping you to practice your writing skills, it also allows you to build up your portfolio. And writing on a variety of different subjects can show your versatility as a writer. Some of these free community magazines are pushed through the doors of thousands of homes in your area - that's a potentially big audience for your work and could lead to other writing opportunities.

Embrace every writing opportunity that comes your way and never say never! If you have the time writing for community magazines can be great fun and a challenge, and if you don't write for them someone else will and you'll loose a golden opportunity to show case your writing skills.

Back to the grindstone

Julie xx

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