Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Still doing research

I haven't written any articles for a while as I've been out and about making contact with people for future articles. I think that the initial preparation stages of article writing - before you actually sit down and put pen to paper - are almost more important than the writing of the article itself. Get your research wrong and it can really throw your article out.

I have been asked to send a synopsis and some sample images of one of my articles by an editor I sent an article proposal to this week. I was a bit thrown (okay I had a major panic) as I've never been asked to do this before and was unsure how to formulate a synopsis. But I knew a man who did (thank you Simon Whaley!) So off it went. He suggested that I bullet pointed the synopsis highlighting chronologically the most important points I wanted the article to portray. It is the only chance you have to 'sell' your work and I was keen to get it right as I wanted to show the editor a professional approach and I didn't want to let down the people I'd interviewed for the article. I wanted the article to do them justice.

I'm still waiting for verdicts on this article and I've been busy editing and sending out some short stories (my other passion) alongside writing down some notes for other articles I might be writing soon. I will have more time to devote to both my article writing and my short story writing when the kids go back to school, Unfortunately, at the moment, I have to concentrate on one or the other so I'm looking forward to doing both again. I feel I'm torn between two lovers at the moment!

Keep writing



  1. Thanks, Julie, this is really useful - I would have had no idea how to set out a synopsis for an article.


  2. Thanks, Suzanne. It might not have worked yet as I've yet to hear back from the editor!!But we live in hope.

    Julie xx