Sunday, 16 August 2009

Speculate To Accumulate

So how is the article writing going with you? It's not going too badly with me as I have lots of ideas floating around that I've got to grab hold of and tether to the ground before they float off never to be seen again. I went out on a photo shoot yesterday evening. The light was just right and quite atmospheric - thank goodness for long, sunny summer evenings (when we get them!)

I've made tentative enquiries at another establishment to see if I can go and interview someone from there for a couple of articles I'm planning and I'm about to look on a magazine's website for contact details and submission guidelines. So it's all go again. You have to speculate to accumulate in this writing lark - if you don't ask, you don't get. You might not always get a yes but if you don't ask you definately won't get a yes!

It was my writing group meeting on Saturday and we had an editor from a local community magazine who is going to give us a page in the magazine each month for a short story or article which is a brilliant opportunity for our group to publish its work. I had an article on Community meetings in the magazine this month and yesterday was the first chance I had to see it. I was impressed as it's a great quality, glossy magazine and has definately spurred me on to write more articles.

I'm still polishing up the archery article ready to send out and I'm hoping to interest some more magazines in that this week. I've been out and about this weekend with my family - the Severn Valley Railway. So it was an opportunity to take photos that may come in handy at a later date. I think it does a writer good to step back and take time out visiting places as a 'tourist visitor' rather than a journalist as you can get a more rounded picture of the place. You can always go back in your capacity of a journalist at a later date if you want to. It's nice to be able to relax and enjoy the experience too.

The thing I've found about article writing is that you have to be persistant and organised. It helps, before an interview or going to a place, if you can do a recce beforehand and get a feel for a place. If you can't physically go to the place then try their website or go to the library for any info you can glean about the the history of the place or person. You will look more professional if you can show the person you're interviewing that you have read up on them or the place, and it can throw up some questions you hadn't considered asking before.

And most important of all - keep writing!


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