Saturday, 1 August 2009

It's Official

Freelance Market News Magazine & The Association of Freelance Writers

I applied for the Freelance Market News magazine last week and it plopped through my letter box this morning. It had free membership with The Association of Freelance Writers with it and I now have an ID card I hope will help me be taken more seriously as a freelance writer (I'm hoping it will make me take myself more seriously as a freelance writer too!!) I recommend that if you are thinking about writing articles or write them already and feel, like me, that you are floundering a bit, that you join this Association and get the magazine. The ID card alone, from what some other freelance writers who have used the card say, is worth it. It apparently got them into some events with no problems.

I found out about it via another writer and it's run by The Writers Bureau. You don't have to be a student of theirs but there is a small fee to get the magazine. A recent article was on submitting photographs to magazines and they have a letters page, competitions and information from a variety of magazines that will take submissions from freelance writers both here and abroad. It's well worth a look at.

There's also an online newsletter from the Writers' Bureau E-Zee Writer with top tips for writers.

Email Website for details.

Agenda for the weekend.

This afternoon I'm going to be doing a blitz on the Hampshire articles (I finished the first draft on one of them last night and I have three more on the go.) Even if you don't know much about a subject an editor has asked you to write about - always say yes, do your research, learn about the subject and hey presto! Suddenly you're a mini expert on the subject! Don't be perturbed by your initial lack of knowledge and don't let it stop you writing an article on it. I was daunted when I was asked to write about Hampshire but there were three things that made me take the plunge and say yes: 1. I had written on a subject that I knew a lot about for this editor before and he obviously must value my work as he's asked me to do more on a different subject! So I know I can write articles in a style he likes. What I didn't know about Shropshire before I wrote the articles, I do now!!
2. It would be a challenge, another string to my bow and it shows my versatility as a writer to other editors. I have a good rapport with this editor and hopefully he will ask me to do more writing for him. 3. I can print copies of my work off the Internet sites and put in my portfolio to show other editors who may then commission me.

Tomorrow is the archery competition and so this evening I shall be creating a list of questions I want to ask the competitors and thinking about the types of photos I'll need. Today I will be sending proposals out to some magazines outlining my ideas for articles from my visit. So it's all go! And it's official - I am a freelance writer coz it says so on my ID card!!

Have a good weekend


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