Saturday, 22 August 2009


We did something like this at my last writing group and I found it very useful. What we did was look through a variety of magazines (it was work, honest and not just procrastination by reading magazines) and chose an idea or phrase in one of the features to inspire us to make a new article, poem, short story or maybe a novel.I'm always looking through the local newspapers and local free community magazines for writing ideas and have even found information for editors this way.

My particular favourite pastime at the moment in my research for article writing is to look through the list of community/self help/hobby groups and societies in these papers/magazines. I have found many interesting groups here that I have taken the details for so I can contact them to ask if I can attend one of their meetings in the future and interview them for possible articles. Remember there is an article in everything!

So next time you have a free moment (not easy or very often I know), scour the pages of your local newspapers/magazines. Take particular notice of the headlines and key phrases. Can you think of another fresh angle for a new article out of the one you've read in the newspaper/magazine? Have a go at writing your own headline for the article. It's amazing how inspiring this can be.

Julie xx


  1. This is a great post, Julie. I'll definitely give that a try.


  2. Thanks, Suzanne!

    It works for me. There are some cracking prompts in the local newspapers and magazines. Good look with having a go!

    Julie xx