Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Be bold

I sent an article proposal to a local glossy mag last night (Gasp, shock, horror, pass the smelling salts!) I know, I know, the audacity of the woman. I was feeling unusually brave (reckless) and before I knew it I'd typed the proposal and I'd tapped the 'send' button and that was that. (Why do I do these silly things late at night?! ) I didn't think I'd ever hear anything back. Well, maybe a no thank you if I was really, really lucky in a few months time.

I was just about to shut the computer down when my inbox pinged and the subject was my article proposal - it was from (spooky music with echo) THE EDITOR! My eyes widened in fear and I developed a tremor in my hands and a twitch in the right hand corner of my upper lip. My mouth went dry. I could barely bring myself to open the e-mail. But with shaking hand and moist brow I did. I looked at it through my fingers. THE EDITOR! was interested in my article (Scrapes self off floor) but ........ There's always a but isn't there?

THE EDITOR! is full to bursting point with articles at the moment and will get back to me in a couple of weeks. So a near success. THE EDITOR! is interested and so another door opens for writing opportunities. If she doesn't take this article she may take others. I have butterflies in my stomach but I'm trying to quieten them down as I don't want to get my hopes up in case it all goes pear shaped. But I am 'quietly' pleased that I have managed to catch THE EDITOR'S ! attention. Two weeks ago THE EDITOR! had turned down another proposal of mine and so I was very reluctant to give it another try with a different article idea. But I remembered what Mr Whaley said (remember to listen to this man) about the importance of continuing to send proposals out and just did it.

I may well never hear from THE EDITOR! again - or I will be posting my disappointment in this blog in a few weeks when THE EDITOR! says "Thanks, but no thanks." But it's given me an important confidence boost and the push to send out more proposals. Even if I don't get published this time I know how to write proposals that catch an editor's eye and I am a step closer to publication than I was yesterday!

Julie xx