Wednesday, 29 July 2009

We're Busy Doing Nothing .......

...... working the whole day through. Do you ever get days when you're writing loads, doing lots of research, but at the end of it all you look at what you've written and it's only a few paragraphs when you thought it was a full article! That's the kind of day I'm having today. So, of course, I'm doing the most sensible thing a writer can do and procrastinate by blogging! When what I should be going is opening a document and writing the article - it's not going to write itself is it? Now that would be a good invention - the self writing article. You'd just punch a few key words into a gadget, press the big red button (it would have to be a big red button - looks far more important don't you think?) and within seconds there would appear your article.

But wouldn't it take the 'fun' out of it, the huge sense of achievement and satisfaction that 'I wrote that' when you see it in print in a magazine. My IAW (Instant Artice Writer) wrote that doesn't have the same ring to it does it? Oh well, nose to the grindstone.!

Julie xx

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