Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The importance of Patience!

I'm always intrigued as to the length of time the editors of different magazines take to give a verdict on articles that I send in to them. There seems to be no logic or pattern to it! You can wait hours, days, or most likely months! Sometimes - and this is the real killer - you hear nothing at all!

Sinced Sunday I have managed to get three articles accepted at different magazines (what is it they say about buses?) The first one was taken up by The Link - The National Association Of Writers' Groups magazine. This one was accepted the morning after I had submitted it. The second article was also taken up the day after I submitted it. Today, an article I originally sent the proposal out for in March this year was finally accepted by a well known national writing magazine today! This was after I made two enquirey emails.

So don't give up on your submissions and don't be afraid to contact the editors you have sent work out to if it's been a month or so since you sent it. Persistence (not being a nuisance) does pay!



  1. Yeah, everything is like busses. Editors often claim a timetable for repsonses (six weeks, twelve weeks, etc) but they rarely every stick to it!

  2. Tell me about it! I'd given up ont the writers' Forum one but hey ho - just goes to show the importance of following up on stuff you send oud doesn't it. If I had just assumed he didn't want the article and I hadn't have emailed him - the article wouldn't have been accepted for publication!