Sunday, 5 July 2009

Hello And Welcome

Hello and welcome to my new blog on everything to do with article writing. Whether you write for a small press, local community magazine, or the bigger national/ international magazines this is the blog for you! I have had some success in article writing in small magazines, most notably The Link, the magazine of the National Association Of Writers' Groups, and a new online website about the best facilities and places to visit in Shropshire which is due to be launched soon.

I started off writing readers letters to local newspapers, magazines and then the nationals. I have had many such letters printed but I wanted to move on to article writing. I also write short stories and poetry, but you can read about my successes and challenges about that side of my writing on my other two blogs Julie's Quest and Poetry ponderings. My aim with this blog is to discuss and explore article writing, looking at ways of searching the market and pitching your article idea to the right person and how to increase your chances of publication. I have no qualifications in journalism or article writing so any advice I give here is purely of my own findings along the way and what I've picked up from kind folk who do know what they are doing! My other aim is to try and break into writing articles for national magazines and this blog will also be a journal of how I get on.

I am not an expert on article writing but I'm learning as I go along with the support of the writers' group I attend Wrekin Writers in Telford, Shropshire. Without their help I wouldn't have sent any of my work off! I'm hoping that others who write articles will join in the debate and add any advice they have so we can all help each other on the road to publication.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you come back soon.


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  1. Dear Julie

    Try looking at article alley on the internet. There are various hints and tips on there on how to write articles. There are loads of topics to choose from.

    Best wishes