Thursday, 30 July 2009

Growing The Roses Of Success!

Aaaaagggghhhh! Don't you find that so infuriating - when you see the article you were writing already brazenly flaunting itself in the very magazine you were targetting? Why oh why?! I put in such a lot a work to it too. Still it's not exactly the same as the one I had proposed so I might just pitch it to a different magazine (out from the ashes grow the roses of success).

I'm busy working on some more articles for a website on Hampshire. I've never been to Hampshire and know little to nothing about this county but I said yes because I can research it and I know I have the right style of writing that the editor likes so, with a lot of nosiness and effort, I can write the articles.

Don't be put off writing on subjects you know little about as you can soon learn and I find the research fascinating. Some things in this world are truly amazing and just waiting for you to discover them. As I've said before travel/tourist writing was not something on my radar for my writing career, but it is now. You can never say never in writing, you just have to give what ever comes your way a go and you might surprise yourself; I did!

For the rest of the week I'll be writing the Hampshire articles and also finishing off a couple of articles for the writing magazines. I'm still plodding on with these regardless if the proposals get accepted or not and I will be sending in more proposals today. Is there a limit on how many proposals you can send out before the editor had a nervous breakdown?! I don't think so. The more good ideas you send in the better chance you have of having one accepted and being published. If you don't send your proposals out someone else will. People can and do get published so why shouldn't that person be you or me?

I haven't forgotten about the articles I'm writing and the information I got from the Wenlock Olympian Games either and I'm hoping to do a follow up at another archery event the organiser told me about at the games this weekend. That's come around really quickly!

I find it beneficial to have a few proposals out there while writing a variety of articles. It keeps my enthusiasm and interest up and keeps me on my toes. If I'm writing an article on a subject I know inside out then I'm likely to get bored and this will show in my writing, so by having different subjects I know little about on the go at the same time I can switch between them and keep myself motivated. It can be difficult to work in the dark when you don't know if your article is ever going to see the light of day and grace the pages of a magazine or not. But the important thing is to keep writing. If we let the doubts creep in we are in trouble.

I am no expert on article writing but I'm learning on the job and having fun along the way! If I come across any useful information or tips to make article writing easier and more productive then I'll post them here. But my main tip of the day today is to keep writing and get your proposals out to the editors!

Julie xx

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